Enigma's Story

Enigma is a private studio, open by appointment only. All appointments need to be made in advance.  We do not do walk ins or piercings, only quality tattoos ☺️ Trading only from our original location at 674 Koorlong Ave, Irymple, 50247340.

We are a custom studio, working with you on your creation.  Creating beautiful artwork for your body is our passion.  It is worth the wait for an appointment with one of our professional and approachable artists to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

Today, having a tattoo is the ultimate means of self-expression.  We are grateful for the opportunity to help people express themselves through this amazing and beautiful form of body modification.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

It’s common to get tattooed when starting on a new path in life or when letting go of an old one. Honouring a part of yourself or someone else as a way to process an event or experience.  It’s a method to heal and or to empower.

Enigma Tattoo was created because we felt the need for a space that honours the spiritual and sacred parts of the practice of tattooing and the transformation of being tattooed. A space where the experience is just as important as the quality of the art being created.  Where people could truly feel comfortable being vulnerable. Where the door to deep and meaningful conversation could be opened or the space to be quiet and peaceful could be held.

To us the experience is a really important part of receiving a tattoo. You will carry not only the art with you, you will also carry the memory of the experience you had receiving the art, the energy of the space you received it in as well as the energy of the artist applying it.

One of the most important considerations at Enigma is the energy of the space. It should feel inviting and positive. Our goal is for every person who gets tattooed with us, walks out feeling empowered and positively energised.

Enigma supports local artists by displaying their work. We believe supporting local artists and businesses is very important. We appreciate you. ☺️🌟☀️

We also offer Beauty Services and Certified Cosmetic Tattooing within the studio, Enigma Beauty Mildura.

Natural Approach, @natural.approach.au, has created and supplies Enigma with our very own, all natural, VEGAN FRIENDLY, tattoo aftercare balm.  We spent valuable time creating this little beauty.  We know you will love it because we do 🙂  Check our their IG and website for other amazing products.


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We thank you for your interest in our work and are very grateful for you 🙂 We look forward to meeting with you soon.


Artists: Eliesha & Wheatie

Beauty: Aimee



The artists


Miss Eliesha

Owner / Operator

Professional licensed tattoo artist